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Welcome, future consulting strategists!

You are about to embark on a journey of problem-solving, innovative thinking, and impactful presentation skills in the PYPC Case Competition. To help you make a remarkable first impression, we've prepared some resources designed for the case competition aspirants.

This page features a sample "Statement of Interest" from previous year, tailored to highlight the competencies and qualities sought in this competition. By exploring this sample, you will learn how to:

  • Showcase Synergistic Team Dynamics: Illustrate how the distinctive skills of each team member contribute to the collective strength and unity of the team.

  • Exhibit Leadership and Teamwork: Highlight experiences that reflect your leadership qualities and your knack for thriving in collaborative environments.

  • Express Passion for Consulting: Articulate your enthusiasm for consulting and how participating in this competition aligns with your career aspirations.

Remember, while this sample provides a strong foundation, your personalization is key. Adapt it to reflect your unique experiences, your approach to consulting challenges, and your vision for a career in this dynamic field.

Get ready to impress us with your insights and aspirations. We are excited to read about your experiences!

Good luck, and hope you find this resource useful!

You can click here or on the pdf icon to access the sample statement of interest.

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